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Help finpol - get bounty

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By Zulfiya Iskaliyeva

Three residents of Atyrau Oblast received monetary reward - 121,170 tenge each - for communicating corruption crimes.

The law providing encouragement for reporting venal practices was adopted in August 2012.

The bounty amount depends on the level of the crime reported.

Ever since, Atyrau Oblast financial police branch has received 11 messages. All caused criminal proceedings. 

By today, three persons have already received cash reward - 121,170 tenge each. Papers of two are being formalized. Another six will get their money after court verdicts come into effect. 

Cooperation is a report about a corruption crime or violation; advising the location of a perpetrator or any other assistance that may help detect, prevent, solve or investigate a crime, according to the media service of the local financial police. 

Encouragement is only given providing the information is realistic and a judicial verdict comes into force. 

32 million tenge was allocated from country budget to stimulate citizens assisting anit-corruption agency.


May 17 2013, 11:44

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