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U.S. Police Arrest Uzbek In Terror Case

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Federal authorities search an apartment in Boise, Idaho on Cassia Drive on Thursday afternoon, May 16 2013. U.S. authorities in Idaho said they have arrested a man from Uzbekistan accused of conspiring with a designated terrorist organization in his home country and helping scheme to use a weapon of mass destruction. Fazliddin Kurbanov, 30, was arrested at an apartment complex Federal authorities search an apartment in Boise, Idaho on Thursday, May 16 2013. U.S. authorities in the western state of Idaho say they have arrested a man from Uzbekistan on terrorism charges. 

Prosecutors say 30-year-old Fazliddin Kurbanov was arrested in the city of Boise on May 15 as part of a terrorism investigation.

The indictment against him alleges that between August 2012 and May 2013, he knowingly conspired with others to provide support and resources, including computer software and money, to the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, a designated terrorist organization.

His alleged co-conspirators were not named.

Kurbanov is also charged with possession of an unregistered explosive device and distributing information about explosives, bombs, and weapons of mass destruction.

He is scheduled to make an appearance in federal court in Boise on May 17.

May 17 2013, 11:16

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