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Big Ben In Oral City

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Soon after London’s famous clock tower – better known as ‘Big Ben’ was renamed ‘Elizabeth Tower’ in the honor of Queen Elizabeth’s diamond jubilee, on the shores of the Ural River there appeared its own ‘Big Ben’, reports Express K correspondent in the West Kazakhstan Oblast.

They say that the intricate clock tower was forged days and nights during three months by ten best smiths.The height of the clock tower at the central city square near oblast akimat is 5.5 meters. Surely, the English prototype is 10 times higher, and it be more appropriate to call the Oral city tower ‘Little Ben’, but here the matter is different.
The more important thing for the citizens of Oral city is not to turn the city into Greenwich, through which, as we know, passes a zero meridian. The thing is, the previous old clock on a regular basis showed zero time, i.e. was broken and there wasn’t a single clock repairer who could fix it. Let’s hope that the new ‘Little Ben’ will work accurately.  
September 27 2012, 11:30

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