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Kazakhstan citizen suspected of selling weapons to North Korea

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The UN Security Council suspects one Kazakhstan citizen, two Ukrainians, nine North-Korean citizens and three North-Korean organizations of implication in contraband deals with weapons for North Korea, RIA Novosti reports citing Reuters.

The experts believe it necessary to “introduce sanctions” against these individuals and legal entities. The agency did not give any details on suggested measures. RIA Novosti did not give any names either.

However, Reuters writes that a recommendation was made to blacklist Kazakhstan citizen Aleksandr Viktorovich Zykov, Ukrainian citizens Iurii Lunov and Igor Karev-Popov.

Btu it remains to be seen whether the UN Security Council will consider the recommendation. There is currently no information on Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry’s reaction.

North Korea has always been working to become a nuclear power, that’s why it has been making nuclear tests from time to time, causing outrage of the international community. The West is trying to counter North Korean policies by new and stricter sanctions.


May 15 2013, 17:28

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