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Why Did Kazakhstan Give Up Its Nukes? Kazakhstan promises $250,000 for gold at Sochi Olympics.

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Eurasianet - Why Did Kazakhstan Give Up Its Nukes? - When Kazakhstan became independent 22 years ago and inherited some of the Soviet Union's nuclear weapons, it decided to give them up.

Tengri News - Kazakhstan promises $250,000 for gold at Sochi Olympics - Kazakhstan Sport and Physical Culture Agency has announced the amounts of sportsmen’s awards for winning medals at the Sochi Olympics

The Atlantic - Kazakhstan's Painful Nuclear Past Looms Large Over Its Energy Future - The central Asian country is positioning itself as a global nuclear leader, but it's haunted by the lasting impacts of Soviet testing decades ago.

BBC - CIA agent intercepted in Moscow - An alleged CIA agent has been briefly detained in Moscow for allegedly trying to recruit a Russian intelligence officer, Russian media report.

Deutsche Welle - Who was behind the Reyhanli attack? - After deadly bombings in the Turkish town of Reyhanli, opposition parties in Ankara have begun to question the government's Syria policy. Critics believe it was, in fact, Syrian rebels who were behind the blast.

May 14 2013, 11:09

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