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Green tea instead of meat

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How dangerous is the exhausting heat for the health and how to escape it? We put these questions to Venera SHARIPOVA, the Head of Therapeutic Department, City Clinic #7:  
– Many patients now visit us with symptoms of colds, muscular inflammations. This is due to ACs in the premises. It is very dangerous when a person comes from blazing heat into a cold room. Temperature differences may cause vessel constriction. The same applies to cold shower and swimming in a river. Before swimming in a river a person should cool down naturally. For example, if the person does not know that he has a high blood pressure and coming inside from the hot weather immediately jumps under the cold shower, he can have a risk of vasospasm which may lead to complications, up to heart attack. And visa versa,    
As for cold, then many don’t take it serious and overcome the sickness while “on their feet”, therefore, it leads to complications too. Many have sinus troubles. In order to avoid these complications, one should consult the doctor in case of catching cold.
In hot weather due to intensive perspiration, the body loses mineral substances and vitamins. Therefore, the plain water should be replaced with water containing fruit and vegetables: cucumbers, watermelons. It is advisable to drink green tea. You should also avoid consumption of such warming products as honey, bacon. For supper you should not take meat, because the food containing high calories increases the sweating and provokes the physiological increase of body temperature.       
Zaure UTEGALIEVA, the cardiologist of the city clinic#2 warns that in hot weather the people with hypertension should be extremely careful:
– It is necessary to measure the blood pressure several times a day. Reducing smoking usually helps, as nicotine destroys the vessel walls and leads to formation of “plaques”. In hot weather it is advisable to cut down on salty, fatty and smoked food. You should try to avoid emotional stresses and take routine health examinations. Small children usually suffer from a heatstroke, therefore, the pediatricians recommend not to take the child outside from 11:00 till 20:00-21:00. The children should drink more often and not be left alone in the cars.


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