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Handless Kazakhstan Man Denied British Visa for Lack of Fingerprints. Dutch experts to teach seamanship in Kazakhstan.

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Eurasianet - Handless Kazakhstan Man Denied British Visa for Lack of Fingerprints - The United Kingdom has denied entry to a Kazakh artist who does not have hands because he cannot provide fingerprints, he says.

Today's Zaman - The colors of Central Asia - The city of Turkestan is of particular interest to Turks because of its historical significance. After Kazakhstan became independent with the collapse of the Soviet Union, Turkey signed a deal with the Kazakh state to open a university in this city. This university, the International Hoca Ahmet Yesevi Turkish-Kazakh University, has developed into an international center.

Bakhtar News - Khalili Invites Kazakh Investors To Invest In Afghanistan - The second vice president Mohammad Karim Khalili in meeting with the ambassador of Kazakhstan described the relations between the two countries very cordial and called upon the public and private sectors to invest in Afghanistan

KAZINFORM - Dutch experts to teach seamanship in Kazakhstan - "Most recently, the Kazakh-British Technical University (KBTU) opened a course in Almaty for marine engineers, who can get education with the help of experienced teachers of one of the oldest and most famous Dutch schools of maritime affairs, Rotterdam Marine Institute," van Leeuwen said.

BBC - Neo-Nazi murders: Beate Zschaepe goes on trial in Germany - An alleged member of a German neo-Nazi cell has gone on trial in Munich in connection with a series of racially motivated murders.

The Washington Post - Katherine Russell: Boston bombing suspect widow’s enigmatic life journey - Weeks after the finish-line explosions that killed three people and injured more than 200, Russell, the widow of alleged bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev, remains a cipher. The piece of the puzzle that doesn’t seem to fit, the scared-looking young woman in a leopard-print hijab, dashing past cameras and saying nothing.

May 6 2013, 14:19

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