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Astana joined EC initiative on rational use of energy resources

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Astana joined the initiative of the European Commission “Agreement of Mayors”, reports the national chamber of housing-communal economy and construction.

“On May 3 the Maslikhat deputies supported the initiative of Astana to enter into the “Agreement of Mayors” initiated by the European Commission, calling the world community to rational use of energy resources, -" reads the message.

The agreement is targeted on reduction of energy consumption and emissions of greenhouse gases.

“The cities, signing the agreement, will get support in achievement of certain indicators. For example, the specialists will be trained, energy managers will be prepared, that should  provide a good chance to share experience between Astana and the leading European capitals,” reads the  message.

This is especially topical since Astana hosted EXPO 2017 exhibition will be dedicated to the energy of the future. The capital of Kazakhstan will present the best examples of energy saving, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

The agreement has been supported by over 4500 mayors and attracted 2bn euro investments.

May 4 2013, 16:42

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