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Experts identified only one soldier killed in Arkankergen

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German experts identified the body of Rustem Akylbayev killed in the massacre at the Arkankergen border post, Almaty Oblast, reports Novosti-Kazakhstan News Agency. Yet, they couldn't identify the other two bodies, said Akbar Abdildin, the official representative of the RoK Military Prosecution.

To recall, in late May, 2012, bodies of 14 border guards and a forest ranger were found at the border post Arkankergen in the Almaty Oblast. Kazakh experts could not identify the bodies of three soldiers. Vladislav Chelakh, 19, the only survived soldier, under the arrest had admitted killing his fellow soldiers. In late July, he denied his previous evidence claiming to have given it under psychological pressure.

Charité - Berlin University of Medicine conducted DNA analysis of the bodies identifying Rustem Akylbayev. German experts found DNA cells from the other two bodies unsuitable for identification, according to Abdildin.

Investigation into the tragedy is still in process.


September 27 2012, 15:47

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