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ConocoPhillips: Who Will Buy Its $5 Billion Stake In Kashagan - India Or China? Debating Global Media-in Kazakhstan. “The Project” in Kazakhstan.

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Seeking Alpha - ConocoPhillips: Who Will Buy Its $5 Billion Stake In Kashagan - India Or China? - Although Kazakhstan has until May 25th to exercise its preemptive bid, it is now clear the country is not interested in preventing COP from selling its stake. But will COP proceed with its original intention to sell its stake to India or could China swoop in with a higher bid?

OpEdNews - Debating Global Media-in Kazakhstan - Most people wouldn't bother going half way around the world for their fifteen seconds of fame.  Ok, so maybe there was little fame to be found but, it was still worthwhile to spend two days flying back and forth to attend the two-day annual Eurasian Media Forum in Kazakhstan, a Central Asian nation that is actually the 9 th largest country in the world, with ultra wealthy oil and gas fields.

Tengrinews - Kazakhstan to put new missile and artillery ship afloat tomorrow - Kazakhstan to put new missile and artillery ship afloat tomorrow

The Hindu Times - In Almaty, new Raj Kapoors wield soft power - India’s soft power in Central Asia, especially in Kazakhstan, the largest of the five stans, is enjoying a revival thanks to a new breed of Indian entrepreneurs.

Craif Murray - “The Project” in Kazakhstan - “The Guardian redacted two thirds of a cable about Bulgarian crime, removed all the names of the people who had infiltrated – the mafioso – who had infiltrated the Bulgarian government. Removed a description of the Kazakstan elite, which said that the Kazakstan elite in general were corrupt, not even a particular name, just in general! Removed a description that a an energy company out of Italy operating in Kazakhstan was corrupt, so they have redacted for naming of individual names of people who might be unfairly put at risk, just like we do–that is what we require of them. They have redacted the names of mafioso, individual mafioso because they are worried that they might get sued for libel in London by this mafioso. They have redacted the names… they have redacted the description of a class of Kazakhstan elite, a class has been corrupt, and they have redacted descriptions of individual companies being corrupt because they don’t want to expose themselves to any risk at all.”

The Hindu - India, Russia agree on Afghan peace, but differ on drawdown - The Istanbul Process conference on Afghanistan held in Kazakhstan’s Almaty on Friday confirmed a close affinity of views between India and Russia, even as they differ in their assessments of the planned withdrawal of the U.S.-led NATO mission.

Trend - Two Kazakh citizens injured in Prague explosion - "Two citizens of Kazakhstan were slightly injured. They were in a building next to the place where the explosion occurred. The glass shattered in the blast, slightly injuring them. The victims received treatment, and there is no need for hospitalization"

The Washington Times - EPA speaks on how much radiation is too much - IMAGINE THAT the Boston bombers didn’t pack nails into pressure cookers but instead packed highly radioactive material. How would the government be responding?

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