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Terrorista#1. Church raided in Kazakhstan. Assistant Secretary Blake To Travel to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

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Zero Hedge - Terrorista#1 - ‘They went away for a couple of weeks a few months ago but they did not say where. I don’t know if they went back to Kazakhstan.

Radio Free Europe - Kazakhs Detained In Boston As Possible Links To Alleged Bombers Probed - Two Kazakh students with possible links to the suspected Boston Marathon bombers have been detained in that city for allegedly violating U.S. immigration regulations.

Eurasianet - Despite Central Asia Focus, Armenia Still CSTO's Most Faithful Ally - Most of the focus on the Collective Security Treaty Organization has been its Central Asian activities, as Russia has positioned the new political-military bloc as its primary tool for preventing the spread of instability from Afghanistan toward its borders.

Christian Today - Church raided in Kazakhstan - The raid was carried out on a church in Stepnogorsk in Kazakhstan's northern Akmola Region, as the Easter Sunday morning service was finishing

US Department of State - Assistant Secretary Blake To Travel to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan - Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs Robert O. Blake, Jr. will travel to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, April 22–26.

Russia Today - How Boston has changed the language - In the last 48 hours, an astounding change has occurred in the lexicon of the mainstream media in the United States, as Chechen Islamists are no longer being referred to as “rebels” and “freedom fighters”.

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