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Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan: Intimations of mortality. NAZARBAYEV: A model for curtailing nuclear proliferation.

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The Economist - Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan: Intimations of mortality - Two of Central Asia’s strongmen and their daughters ponder succession

China Daily - Sino-Kazakh cooperation expands into new sectors - Kazakhstan's Temir Zholy Railway Co is in talks on the construction of a terminal in the Chinese port city Lianyungang, Jiangsu province, he said.

The Washington Post - NAZARBAYEV: A model for curtailing nuclear proliferation - Kazakhstan gave up its nuclear-weapons program years ago

The National Interest - Work with Moscow in Central Asia - As the United States draws down forces from Afghanistan, Russia is seeking to bolster its influence next door in Central Asia, through both bilateral agreements and multilateral integration projects. Moscow recently signed agreements prolonging deployment of its troops in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, both of which have also announced their intention to join the Russia-Belarus-Kazakhstan customs union.

BBC - Japan carmakers to recall 3.4m cars over airbag defect - Japan's top four carmakers are recalling a total of 3.4 million cars over a defect in passenger airbags.

April 11 2013, 15:55

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