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Iran Urges Kazakhstan to Condemn Terrorists' Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria. How much more tolerance can Europe take? Come Together: Why Japan and South Korea Must Join Hands

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FARS News - Iran Urges Kazakhstan to Condemn Terrorists' Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria - Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi called on Kazakhstan to strongly react to the recent use of chemical weapons by the terrorists against the Syrian nation.

The Telegraph - The Real Iron Lady: Working with Mrs Thatcher by Gillian Shephard: review - Margaret Thatcher, writes Sir John Major, has been “buried under myths”. And the myths heap higher with every passing year. So overpowering are the myths that today she divides opinion at least as strongly as she did in power. By both Right and Left she has been warped into caricature, the embodiment either of all political good, or of all political evil. To those who worship her, she was a tax-slashing Boadicea; to those who despise her, Satan in pearls.

The Diplomat - Come Together: Why Japan and South Korea Must Join Hands - Despite historical tensions and present challenges, Tokyo and Seoul have good reasons to enhance ties.

RIA Novosti - Moscow Meat Plant’s Halal Products to be Examined Abroad - Halal products of Moscow’s Tsaritsyno meat processing plant will be examined in laboratories in Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) following recent reports that pig DNA has been detected in them, the chief of Russia Muftis Council’s International Center for Halal Standardization and Certification said Monday.

Deutsche Welle - How much more tolerance can Europe take? - France has just taken a big step towards equal rights for homosexuals by allowing same-sex couples to marry. Across the EU, however, acceptance of civil partnerships varies considerably.

Trend - Decision on Georgia's participation at Sochi Olimpic Games to be made on May 2 - "The deadline for making a decision is May 5 but we will meet at the extraordinary session of the NOC on May 2 and vote on the issue of the participation in the Olympic Games.In case of the positive decision, a delegation of 59 people will take part in the OlympicGames," - said the president of the National Olympic Committee Larry Habelov.

Zawya - Dubai expats move from renting to owning home in Dubai - Dubai's expats are increasingly moving from renting a property to owning their own home, a new report from a real estate consultant shows.

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