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Gorbachev says USSR collapse not his fault

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"I saw the necessity of decentralization and modernization of the USSR, however, I was in favor of the union's preservation. Any... attempts to put the blame on me for the union state's collapse are irresponsible, unfounded and deceitful," Gorbachev said during an open lecture at RIA Novosti in Moscow.

Gorbachev, 82, whose glasnost and perestroika reforms eventually led to the collapse of the Soviet Union, said it was first Russian President Boris Yeltsin, who had "acted destructively" after the August 1991 unsuccessful coup attempt, RIA Novosti informs.

Gorbachev said that perestroika policy, which he sees as his main achievement, brought freedom and democracy to Russia and Central and Eastern Europe and praised himself for the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan in 1989.


April 1 2013, 09:05

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