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Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich detained in the USA

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Roman AbramovichRoman Abramovich

Chelsea’s billionaire owner Roman Abramovich has been detained in the USA, according to global news channel Russia today.

The agency, who have studios in both Moscow and Washington DC, broke the news on Monday lunchtime

The Russian tycoon bought Chelsea in 2003 and the club have won nine major trophies under his ownership, including last season’s Champions League crown, three Premier League titles and four FA Cups.

The 46-year-old has been involved in a number of controversies and was accused on blackmail, breach of trust and breach of contract by his one-time business partner Boris Berezovsky in 2008.

In the same year, The Times newspaper reported that Abramovich admitted to paying millions of dollars for political favours and protection fees.

According to Forbes magazine, the Russian tycoon has a net worth of £10.2bn, making him the 107th richest person in the world.

A spokesman for Abramovich has told the BBC that the reports is ‘completely untrue’, however.

March 25 2013, 23:13

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