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Four killed in operation to captivate the police HQ attack suspects (update: +official statement and press release)

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5 strong blasts echoed at around 8.30am in the new suburbian district of Koktem, a dacha quarter located at the left bank of the Ural river, few kilometers to the north of Atyrau.

The locals heard the first shots at 6.00am followed by electricity cut off. No vehicle was allowed to drive towards the cordoned off houses at the river bank.    

By 10.15am (local time), the special operation was finished, judging by that an armored vehicle with special task officers had left the scene, as well as police commanders. 


Official statement of General Prosecutor's Office

On September 20, 2012, in the dacha area of Koktem, law enforcement bodies identified the people suspected in the armed attack on Atyrau City Internal Affairs Department building and patrol officers on September 15.

In connection with this, in order to disable them, an anti-terrorist operation has been launched in the mentioned location. Special legal regime within the area has been announced. Residents of the neighboring houses have been evacuated.

The results of the operation will be advised later.

Media Service of General Prosecutor's Office


Press release

On September 20, 2012, law enforcement bodies identified four persons in the dacha area of Koktem situated in the suburbs of Atyrau city, suspected in committing the armed assault on patrol police officers and the building of Atyrau City Internal Affairs Department on the night of September 14-15, 2012. 

Due to this, at 08.30am was launched an anti-terrorist operation in the mentioned point with the purpose to disable these persons.

A special legal regime was announced within the area. Residents of neighboring houses were evacuated.

The sieged people denied the proposal to surrender and opened fire upon special task unit officers.

In the result of the anti-terrorist operation, all the four persons, after making armed resistance, have been liquidated.

No victims among the civilians.

As of now, several weaponry items and ammunition, cocktail bombs and self-made explosive device components have been found at the scene.

Examination of the place and other urgent investigative measures are in process.

Media Service of General Prosecutor's Office

September 21 2012, 11:24

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