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Azerbaijan and Russia hold next round of bilateral consultations on Caspian Sea

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Another round of consultations on the Caspian Sea between Russia and Azerbaijan was held in Baku on Monday, the Foreign Ministry said.

The meeting was attended by the delegation headed by Deputy Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan Khalaf Khalafov and representative of the President of Russia on the delimitation and demarcation of the state border with the neighboring countries - participants of the CIS, Ambassador-at-Large of the Russian Foreign Minister, Igor Bratchikov.

The meeting discussed the items of the draft Convention on the legal status of the Caspian Sea, the Caspian Sea cooperation, including security issues as well as other issues of mutual interest.

The importance of bilateral consultations on Caspian Sea issues and the need to continue such negotiations was stressed at the end of the meeting.

March 19 2013, 15:05

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