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Kazakhstan To Produce Armed Helicopters. Do oil prospects justify UK ‘colonial plundering’ in Falklands? China’s Military Development, Beyond the Numbers

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Eurasianet - Kazakhstan To Produce Armed Helicopters - Kazakhstan is set to expand its production of military helicopters, with the ambition of becoming "one of the world flagships in the production of light attack helicopters," the state defense company Kazakhstan Engineering has announced.

What Military Equipment Should The U.S. Give Uzbekistan? - The question of whether, or how, to give military aid to Uzbekistan is probably the hottest question among Central Asia policymakers in Washington these days. The U.S. has agreed to leave some equipment behind for its partners in Central Asia after its forces withdraw from Afghanistan, and Uzbekistan has made clear that it has high expectations for the sort of equipment that it will get.

BBC - Falklands: Cameron says Argentina should respect vote - David Cameron has called on Argentina to respect the wishes of the people of the Falkland Islands after they voted to remain a British overseas territory.

Arab Times - Saudis may change execution method - Saudi Arabia has authorised regional governors to approve executions by firing squad as an alternative to public beheading, the customary method of capital punishment in the Gulf Arab kingdom, the Arab News reported on Monday.

The Telegraph - Falkland Islanders vote Yes in referendum to remain part of Britain - The people of the Falklands have delivered one of the most emphatic votes in recent history when 99.8 per cent of those taking part in a referendum on the future of the islands said yes to remaining a British overseas territory.

The New York Times - Cardinals Gather to Select a New Pope - The day so anxiously awaited by Roman Catholics and curiously anticipated by many others, arrived on Tuesday, when cardinals of the Church plan to lock themselves in the Sistine Chapel and begin writing names on rectangular pieces of paper to elect the next pope.

Russia Today - Do oil prospects justify UK ‘colonial plundering’ in Falklands? - The prospect of an oil boom in the Falklands would make it economically sustainable for the UK to protect its overseas territory. But it is not morally justifiable “to go on a colonial plundering mission,” believes journalist Ken Hurst.

The Diplomat - China’s Military Development, Beyond the Numbers - While reports warn of China’s rising military budget and lack of transparency, numbers and hyped headlines often cloud the bigger picture.

Xinhuanet - Venezuela's ruling, opposition camps gear up for presidential race - Venezuela's ruling and opposition parties are gearing up for the upcoming presidential election as both camps officially fielded their candidates Monday.

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