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Public utilities rate increase will teach people to save – Nur Otan official

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If rates increase, one will start saving water, and maybe will pay less. And what we are doing today? We pour tap water and waste paper – our trees and water reserves. We are not saving our children’s heritage, of our future generations. We need to explain this as well, said Baurzhan Baibek, deputy chairman of Nur Otan People’s Democratic Party at a meeting with youth, reports KazTAG.

As an instance, he mentioned the thrift of people in Germany.

“I studied in Germany and witnessed such a case – communal service arrives at a home thinking the owner has died judging by small figures in his bills. They find out that an old lady lives there and she saves everything. Germans wash dishes and then wash the floor with the same water. They wash up their children first and then bath themselves. That’s it” he said.

Baibek also noted that controlling room heating helps enjoy better sleep at night.

“At nights, they, in Germany, always turn heating off and put a glass of water on a radiator. Once the water starts freezing they turn heating on. In a hot room you always wake tired and shattered, but in cold air a human rests better, because when it is chilly the body temperature reduces. When body temperature is low, it relaxes,” he said.

March 9 2013, 13:06

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