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Kazakhstan National Medical Holding to open clinics for foreigners

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The National Medical Holding of Kazakhstan will open the special hospitals for foreigners, reports citing chairman of the National Medical Holding Kennet Alibek.

“There are many foreigners in Kazakhstan. We will inform ambassadors, professors of Nazarbayev University and foreign businessmen that we are opening special hospitals that will service foreign patients that have various kinds of medical insurances. We would like to inform everyone that we have got the centers ready to render services to foreign patients,” Kennet Alibek said.

According to him, a marketing campaign will be made to raise awareness of the foreign residents of the neighboring countries including Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Russia. He also added that the Holding has set a goal to increase profitability, in particular increase revenues and decrease discretionary expenses.

“We still have the treatment protocol that envisages use of medicines with unproven efficiency. One of the works we are performing includes creation of groups of clinical pharmacologists and giving up use of the medicines that have failed to prove their efficiency. This will significantly lower the costs for medicines procurement. There are also issues on cost saving by means of cutting edicines prices, negotiations between suppliers, expansion of the list of companies eligible to supply medical-purpose goods,” Kennet Alibek added.

Alibek said that National Medical Holding will not be increasing prices of its medical services.

“We are not planning to raise the prices for paid services, we are planing to increase the number of paid services. We have analyzed the situation in Kazakhstan. There are private clinics that offer their services at high prices but people go there. We offer services at low prices but people don’t come to us. This means we have not done a good job in our marketing campaigns. We can do everything much cheaper but there are issues requiring solution,” chairman noted.


March 7 2013, 12:19

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