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Analysts: Ukraine not to be in a hurry to join Customs Union. Russia "Increasingly Distrustful" Of SCO. Chinese general who threatened US with nuclear strike is Pentagon's guest of honor. 10 Memorable Hugo Chavez Moments.

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Eurasianet - Russia "Increasingly Distrustful" Of SCO - Over the last few years, two large multilateral security organizations that have emerged in Central Asia: the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), dominated by China, and the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), dominated by Russia.

Expatica - Half of all adoptions in Belgium are by lesbians and gays - The 2012 figure shows a considerable rise compared to the previous year. In 2011 only a quarter of all adoptions of Belgian children were by lesbian or gay couples.

RIA Novosti - Russia Vows to Keep Arms Deals With Caracas After Chavez Death - Russia will continue military-technical cooperation with Venezuela regardless of who takes over power in the Latin American country after the death of its charismatic socialist leader Hugo Chavez, a Russian arms trade source said

Russia Today - Chinese general who threatened US with nuclear strike is Pentagon's guest of honor - A Chinese general who once threatened to nuke the US is visiting Washington this week as part of a military exchange program with the Pentagon.

Venezuela expels two US embassy officials amid Chavez cancer conspiracy - Vice President Nicolas Maduro said President Hugo Chavez's enemies had poisoned him with cancer before announcing that two US Air Force officials would be expelled from the country for spying on the military and plotting to destabilize the country.

The New York Times - 10 Memorable Hugo Chavez Moments - President Hugo Chávez was known for his grand overtures and bold attacks. A exceptionally gifted orator who relished media attention, he continually came up with show-stealing lines. Below are 10 of the many moments that made Mr. Chávez such a distinctive force in Venezuela and across the world.

The Telegraph - Famed Desert Rats to lose their tanks under Army cuts - The Desert Rats, the most famous tank unit in the British Army, will be left without any tanks as a result of a shake-up of the Armed Forces brought about by the Coalition’s austerity drive, it emerged on Tuesday.

Arab Times - Thousands bury Karachi bomb victims, death toll climbs 48 - Thousands of Pakistanis attended funerals Monday for victims of a bombing that killed 48 people in a Shiite Muslim area of Karachi, the latest in a series of devastating attacks ahead of elections.

The Washington Post - Jeb Bush is back in the spotlight — and thinking about 2016 - Former Florida governor Jeb Bush, who has remained on the sidelines since his older brother left the White House with dismal ratings four years ago, has jumped back into the political fray this week with a new book, wall-to-wall television interviews and a round of public speaking engagements.

Kyiv Post - Analysts: Ukraine not to be in a hurry to join Customs Union - Ukrainian political analysts believe that Ukraine will not be in a hurry to become a member of the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan for a number of reasons.

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