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Corruption fighters to make relatives of officials list

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Anti-corruption committee of the Nur Otan Party intends to create a database of closest relatives of high-rank government officials, reports KTK.

The ruling party will continuously watch career growth of children and nephews of the most respected people in the country.

The list of close relatives will be compiled in an attempt to eradicate "a well-known phenomenon," an euphemism the head of party's anti-corruption committee Oralbai Abdikarimov used to denote protectionism.

From now, reputable functionaries of the party will supervise and evaluate career development of "young talents" with sounding names.

As is known, among the beginning Kazakh politicians are many children of ministers, mayors, governors, members of parliament and heads of key state agencies.

Most of them begin their careers at managerial posts in national companies and ministries just after graduation from prestigious universities.


March 5 2013, 16:53

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