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Chinese caught with fake diplomas

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In the branch of the Intenational Oil Servicing Company SINOPEC Kazakhstan LLP and Sinopec Kazakhstan LLP the public prosecutor's audit revealed 10 facts of counterfeit education diplomas used by citizens of the People's Republic of China. This was voiced by the department head of regional prosecutor's office Kairat Uteuliev at the prosecutor's office coordination council meeting on illegal migration.

- Even during visual inspection these education certificates raise suspicion, since pictures there are absolutely identical to the photos in the passports, though the time difference between issuance of the passports and educational certificates is very long. For example, an engineer, Chi Tszyunmin’s  diploma was issued in 1997, and his passport in 2008, but the photos in both documents are identical. Further checking proved the diploma was false. 

In 2012, migration police performed 25 checks and identified 583 violations. 566 permits for attraction of foreign workforce were withdrawn.

Last year 57 937 foreigners were registered in our oblast: 9,467 of them from far abroad and 48,470 from CIS. Based on results of audits, 169 foreign citizens were deported from Kazakhstan.

The number of crimes committed by foreigners is rising. In 2011, there were registered 70 crimes, in 2012 – 82. These are mainly thefts and hooliganism (only CIS citizens involved in crimes). 39 foreigners from far abroad, on the contrary, were the victims of crimes.

February 27 2013, 14:23

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