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Igilik becomes triennial

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During last year's visit of Deputy Prime Minister Krymbek Kusherbaev to Kulsary, TCO was reproached on irrational planning of Igilik program. In particular, for pending yearly disbursements “burn down”, instead of being carried over to following year.

To recall, Igilik is a voluntary commitment of the oil company for the development of social infrastructure. To date, within Igilik, TCO has been allocating $20mln every year and from now the amount will increase to $25mln.

In the program the company places orders for projects, holds tenders and supervises construction activities on its own without involvement of local authorities.

In a December meeting in Kulsary, Baktykozha Izmukhambetov, the Atyrau Oblast governor, stated the project's preparation process and their state expertise are dragged on, as the result, the balance of $10mln “will burn down” leaving projects undone.

Governor promised that management of TCO will have “problems” if they don't resolve the issue of transfering remaining money to the next year's budget.

As reported by the regional government press service, starting 2013 Igilik program will be designed for three years, not one.

With a view to implement Igilik program in 2013-2015, regional government authorities and TCO established a working commission. At its first meeting the Deputy Governor Timurzhan Shakimov and Walid Masri, TCO main assets manager of the department of major overhaul, discussed projects to implement within Igilik.


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