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Kazakhstan to sue Austria over sick cattle

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Kazakhstanis going to sue Austria over the sick cattle imported to Kazakhstan, reports citing Kazakhstan Agriculture Minister Assylzhan Mamytbekov as saying at the annual expanded meeting of Kazakhstan Farmers Union national public union.

“If the Austrian party does not voluntarily reimburse the caused damage, we will sue them. According to the contract, this will be in a Kazakhstan court. As in any economic dispute, the damages to be reimbursed not only include the main damage but also all others kinds of damages, even the moral damage. The lawsuit can be filed for lost benefit and maintenance costs,” Assylzhan Mamytbekov.

According to the Minister, the decision to exterminate the sick cattle was made by chief veterinary doctor and is not subject to a discussion. The court will decide on the rest.

“We stood on our principle position in this situation, despite of the rabid critics. Did we have to exterminate the cattle? We held a scientific-technical council, consulted with the international organization of the epizootic bureau, received all the confirmations and stood at one position till the end,” the Minister added.

February 22 2013, 11:57

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