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24 radical Salafi organizations present in Kazakhstan

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The National Security Committee counted 24 radical Salafi organizations in Kazakhstan, according to the Central Communications Service under President of Kazakhstan with reference to the committee.

"According to the NSC, currently, there are 24 radical Salafi organizations with 495 members operating in Kazakhstan," a statement said.

In accordance with the newly introduced legal regulations, the focus on terrorism prevention increases. This refers to identification, study, elimination of causes and conditions conducive to the emergence and spread of terrorism. Preventive "anticipatory" activities of the government agencies will be enhanced with introduction of new amendments to the anti-terrorism legislation of Kazakhstan.

"It is becoming clear that combating terrorism requires not only coercive measures, it is necessary to deal with the causes and factors, generating it", the Deputy Chairman of the NSC Kabdulkarim Abdikazimov said.

The report states that as of this year the main preventive work will be carried out from the perspective of anti-terrorism commissions, created in Astana, Almaty, regions and cities of regional importance. These commissions will be joined by community organizations, religious groups and the media.

Kazakhs will be explained the threat of terrorism, the forms, methods and techniques with which terrorists propagate their views and ideas.

According to the Committee of National Security, information work along with resolution of social and economic problems will contribute to reduction of the social base of support for terrorism.

"The preventive work should turn into a significant counterweight to the radical ideology propaganda carried out by international terrorist and extremist religious organizations", the NSC said.

February 21 2013, 12:58

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