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Doctors to pay “pregnant” boy T50,000 moral compensation

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Doctors of emergency medical service hospital (BSMP) in Aktobe will pay to fifteen-year old male student Baizhan Aldashev 50,000 tenge of moral compensation for diagnosing pregnancy,- reported IA Novosti Kazakhstan citing KTK TV channel.

“In Aktobe the court issued a decision on the pregnant boy case. The court partially admitted fault of the doctors who put the teenager in an awkward situation. They are obliged to pay him 50,000 tenge of moral compensation”, - reported the mass media.

The scandalous conclusion to a 15-year-old boy was made by an urologist and a nephrologist of an ambulance hospital where the boy was examined. The doctors confused samples of the teenager and a female patient. The boy was prescribed with medications intended for the pregnant young lady. Parents argued that their son’s health worsened after such treatment. The family filed a T10mln claim. But the physician Moukhit Baizakov didn’t admit his fault, saying he rendered all required medical assistance, and the history with pregnancy in the boy’s medical statement is only due to a computer failure.

“Most likely we will appeal this court decision. You know, 50,000 tenge is a ridiculous price,” – said to KTK TV channel a representative of the family in the court Yury Filchoukov.

February 15 2013, 12:23

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