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Unexpected turn in the case of Chelakh can shake the position of the prosecution

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Photo courtesy editor’s office got hold of one interesting document – the copy of the resolution on initiation of legal proceedings on a slaughter-house at the boundary post Arkankergen.

The document is dated May 30, i.e. the day when the corpses of fourteen frontier guards and a huntsman were found. The document is signed by Sekenov, Colonel Of Justice, the military prosecutor of the Taldykorgan garrison. The events described in this resolution considerably differ from the official version which was voiced later by the investigation service. In particular, it is specified in the document that the last time the Arkankergen boundary post contacted Sary Bokter outpost was 2 o'clock in the morning on May 30, and not on May 28 as the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office reported. Also, it is specified in the document that four hours later, i.e. at six o’clock in the morning the same day, when the post had not touched the base, Alexey Fomin, the chief of Sary Bokter outpost, sent two military personnel – communication operators to clarify the circumstances. It is said in the document that the communication operators found the charred remains of frontier guards and the huntsman’s corpse. However, soon the investigation group reported that actually Alexey Fomin deliberately for two days was hiding the fact of absence of communication with the frontier post. Then the officer was arrested and put into pre-trial detention center.

According to Vasily Rezvan, a human rights activist, this document may seriously shake the position of prosecution and be to advantage of Private Chelakh. Rezvan is sure that the military prosecutor simply couldn't write out this resolution without serious proofs. In particular, without documented entries in the log books of flights and radio conversations. - I dealt with army radio communication and I know that each session is recorded in multiple documents. It is unlikely that Fomin had enough time to forge all the documents at the moment of incident occurrence, - is convinced the human rights activist. - Chelakh himself cannot tell much, because he simply doesn't have the full information, but the arrested chief of the outpost is the person who knows a lot. Therefore, we try to have a face-to face confrontation with him. But in any case for Chelakh's protection, this resolution is a serious argument.

The other lawyer of the frontier guard, Serik Sarsenov, has a different position and doubts that the circumstances described in this resolution may seriously affect the course of investigation. - I don’t think we will use this document in the court as one of arguments for protection, - says Sarsenov. - These evidences were taken on the very first day. Probably from the words of Fomin or from his subordinates, who, as it was clarified later, were telling lies and tried to hide the fact that for two days there were no communication with the outpost. But until we haven’t studies all the materials of the criminal case, it is difficult to speak in details on each point of defence. But our position remains unchanged that Vladislav Chelakh didn't commit this crime.

To recall, according to the official version, the tragedy took place on May 28 on the high-mountainous boundary post of Arkankergen, where fifteen frontier guards were on duty. After two days of radio silence, the search group found the burned-down structures and corpses of fourteen military personnel. In the vicinity the searchers found a body of the local huntsman. After a few days the private soldier Vladislav Chelakh was detained, the only survived guard from Arkankergen. He became the main suspect of the murder of his service mates and the huntsman and later confessed that he did it. However, few months later, after the psychological-criminalistic examination, the results of which proved that he was sane, Vladislav Chelakh denied killing frontier guards and refused from his previous evidences.

September 7 2012, 18:48

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