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Aliyev subject of interest to German federal intelligence

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EURASIANET.ORG - Kazakhstan, Russia De-Escalate Space Spat - Kazakhstan and Russia have moved to defuse a spat over Moscow’s use of the world’s largest spaceport, which is vital for Russia to maintain its standing as a space power.

MALTATODAY.COM - Aliyev subject of interest to German federal intelligence - The former Kazakh diplomat and multi-millionaire Rakhat Aliyev is the subject of interest by the German federal intelligence service, a parliamentary question by the German greens in the Bundestag has revealed.

NEUROPE.EU - Total, ENI, ConocoPhillips reject some Kazakh projects - During 2012 three investors informed on their withdrawal of the project in the Caspian Sea, reports the Kazakh edition of Petroleum citing anonymous sources. “In spring 2012, the French Total formally notified the Ministry of Oil and Gas of Kazakhstan that they refuse to develop Zhenis site. In September, the Italian company ENI officially informed in written statement of rejection of the site of Chagala, says the publication.

INDEPENDENT.CO.UK - Wanders never cease: The nomadic life of Mongolia's Kazakh eagle-hunters - Amid the harsh splendour of Mongolia's arid plains, nomadic eagle hunters still follow a traditional way of life that has defied history, geography and political change. The photographer Christo Geoghegan offers an insight into their lives...

January 28 2013, 15:20

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