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A teenager died in Atyrau after being hit by a car on a pedestrian crossing

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A teenager died in Atyrau, on the 21st of September at about 9-30am, after being hit by a car. A Toyota Camry, with Russian license plates, hit the teenager while he was on the pedestrian crossing on Baimukhanov Street.

According to eyewitnesses, the teenager was thrown back 10 to 15 metres in the collision, his leg was torn off ….

The press service of the Police Department state, the driver of the Toyota has been placed in the Atyrau City Detention Centre. A criminal case will be taken under Part 3 of the art.345 (Violation of the road rules by persons driving vehicles that resulted in the death of a person).
The deceased, born in 2002, was a third-year student at a college in Atyrau.

September 23 2019, 10:06

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