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Kazakhstan to continue evacuating its nationals from Syria

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Source: Kazinform

The Kazakh Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other relevant authorities will continue the humanitarian operation on evacuating Kazakhstani nationals from Syria, Kazinform reports. ‘The operation conducted on January 6, 2019  focused primarily on children aged from 1 to 5. Majority of them was born in the Syrian territory. 

We can say with confidence that this was not the last stage of the operation. It is only the beginning. Despite their whereabouts, the fate of our compatriots has always been in the spotlight of the MFA and other relevant authorities,' Official Spokesperson of the Ministry Aibek Smadyarov said at an annual briefing. Earlier Kazinform reported about evacuation of 47 Kazakhstani nationals including 30 children from Syria by the Kazakh law-enforcement structures and the Kazakh Foreign Office.  

Source: Kazinform

January 22 2019, 10:12

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