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“Zika virus an international emergency: WHO”, “As children die reaching for Europe's shores, empathy fades”, “Syrian Peace Talks Officially Begin as Opposition Arrives in Geneva”, “Turkey's Erdogan woos Latin America"

2 256 просмотрs Zika virus an international emergency: WHO" - The World Health Organization on Monday declared the mosquito-borne Zika virus an international public health emergency due to its link to thousands of birth defects in Brazil, as the U.N. agency sought to build a global response to the threat.

AFP. “Merkel presses Putin to ensure Ukraine ceasefire holds" - German Chancellor Angela Merkel pressed Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday to use his influence to ensure a ceasefire is upheld in eastern Ukraine and OSCE monitors are granted free access to conflict areas, her spokesman said. “As children die reaching for Europe's shores, empathy fades"- Five months ago, a 3-year-old Syrian boy's corpse on a Turkish beach galvanized public action for refugees. Now, strikingly similar images are generating little more than a collective shrug. “Syrian Peace Talks Officially Begin as Opposition Arrives in Geneva" - Syria's main opposition bloc has arrived in Geneva to assess the intentions of the government in implementing humanitarian measures that could allow it to join political negotiations. “Turkey's Erdogan woos Latin America" - Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Monday he was in Latin America to pursue a "strategy of opening" as he kicked off a three-country regional tour in Chile. "Chile is a key country for our opening in Latin America and the Caribbean. This strategy of opening of the past 10 years has gotten…

February 2 2016, 17:20

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