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​International construction consortium of oil projects to be created in Kazakhstan

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Image 0The international construction consortium of oil projects will be created in Kazakhstan, said Serbolat Shorayev, member of the council of business chamber in Atyrau Oblast.

"The international consortium, which will unite all the big foreign and Kazakhstan companies, will be called Asar. We will conduct consultations, we have got approvals from big companies. The consortium will start working in the near future. Now involvement of local companies is needed for many big projects. Quite often the circulation of these companies must make $3 bln. We don't have this money," he said.
He said the consortium will take part in big projects, such as the project of future expansion of Tengizchevroil.
"We have experienced specialists in such projects. They were involved in the projects at Kashagan, the first and the second TCO stages," he added.

Source: kaztag

January 13 2016, 18:58

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