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Foreigners try Kazakh food for the first time

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Image 0The foreigners were suggested to try Kazakh ethnic cuisine food. Guests from India, Jordan and Nigeria tried kourt, koumiss and meat delicacies: kazy, zhaya, karta for the first time. The participants of the experiment didn't hide their emotions about the food offered to them.

Kout - dry fermented milk product (sort of a hard cheese) was to the taste to almost all foreign guests. To Arabs Ibrahim and Abdalla from Jordan it reminded their local food. For residents of India – Vieni and Sai kourt was too salty.

Among meat delicacies they didn't' like karta.

But all liked the drink – koumiss (fermented mare's milk).

The Africans noted that the taste of the koumiss was better than its smell. But they all heard about medicinal properties of koumiss.

December 15 2015, 15:25

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