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New law in China: deny your parents and go jailed

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To visit parents is a proud and good behaviour of every attentive child, besides, now it is simply a must for Chinese children. Otherwise - prison.

Chinese lawmakers made an unprecedented step by adopting a special law aimed at care of aged parents who are disappointed in life or devastated or abandoned by their grown-up offsprings.

Refusal of Parents Act is a reaction to the increasing negligence of the Chinese to their parents.

From now, under the new law, adult Chinese people are binded to regularly visit their old parents and show a little filial love, otherwise they may face charges and a lawsuit and even end up in jail.

The law demonstrates quite clear cultural changes taking place in this developed Asian country. Apparently, commonality, collectivism and fellowship traditions are now wrecking in favor of dynamic development of individualistic lifestyle in China.

At the same time, the tradition of old parents living in care of adult children is nearly a thing of the past, and nursing homes, which previously were considered a disgrace and expensive are now becoming normal.

Rapid growth of older population in China has heated up abusive acts towards people of senior generation. State mass media of People's Republic of China recently published a story about a son from a remote province who had been forcing his 100-year-old mother to live in a pigsty over the past few years.

Between 2007 and 2009 mistreatment of elderly people has grown by 13%.

As said by the director of the country's propaganda, due to features of Chinese culture old people normally do not want to publicly disclose disgraceful deeds that take place within their families.

It means the figures statistics provides are much smaller because of victims' shyness.

January 18 2013, 11:11

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