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Governor dissatisfied over the condition of public schools

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On Monday, September 3, the Oblast Akim Baktykozha IZMUKHAMBETOV held a conference, where he presented the new heads of oblast departments of National Security Committee, financial police, internal affairs and the oblast prosecutor’s office.

Right after the introduction he proceeded to commenting his recent trip to the districts of Zhylyoi and Makat. But, before starting his short speech in front of the core group he said a meaningful remark:
- Everybody should account for his/her deeds and words. We will follow the principles of justice and honesty in our work.  
Izmukhambetov said he had visited all the seven districts of the oblast and was preparing tasks for his subordinates:
- Today I returned from Makat and Zhylyoi. I held meetings there and now giving out instructions. Winter is nearing and we need to speed up – there is much to do. The largest problem today for me, as to the akim, is the situation around public schools. Children now have to sit classes in gymnasiums, houses of culture and boarding schools. This is not acceptable.
He expressed discontent over the repair work done in 12 public schools he had visited:
- For example - the school named after Baimukhanov in the village of Makat – the quality of repair work done there is so poor that we don’t know if to accept it and even pay for it. But we will settle this issue – there are 800 children who have started the academic year in inappropriate conditions. Moreover, the situation in other 8 schools is all to pieces. Everyone involved in these cases will be brought to account for improper completion of works and use of state money.
Seems like the deputies of the ex-governor Askar ABDIROV and Aigul AZHIGALIYEVA, who also attended the conference, succeeded to remain in their chairs. After the short speech of the akim, all invitees were asked to leave the conference room. The governor stayed alone with his deputies and heads of departments.


September 3 2012, 19:00

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