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“Overcoming Post-Natal Depression—On Horseback In Kazakhstan”Kazakhstan”, “Kazakhstan: Officials See New Energy Boom Era”, “Azerbaijan to ban alcohol sale for cash from 2016”, “Tyson Fury: World heavyweight champion stripped of IBF title”

1 840 просмотрs “Overcoming Post-Natal Depression—On Horseback In Kazakhstan"Kazakhstan" - A terrifying experience with my sick newborn sent me into a downward spiral of nightmares, depression and self-harm. It took a 24-day trip through a remote region of Central Asia to find myself again. “Kazakhstan: Officials See New Energy Boom Era" - As oil prices sink to impressive new lows, Kazakhstan is declaring, once again, that its giant Kashagan field will begin working at the end of 2016. That was one of a range of hopeful and optimistic forecasts for the energy industry laid out by National Economy minister Yerbolat Dosayev at a government meeting on December 8. The ultimate goal is to produce more, export more and eventually refine more. If the government's hopes are met, Kashagan will be able to churn out 13 million tons oil in 2020. “Azerbaijan to ban alcohol sale for cash from 2016"- Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev signed a decree on applying amendments to the Criminal Code and the Code of Administrative Offences, which stipulate a ban on the sale for cash of alcoholic drinks, as well as the wholesale of tobacco products. Under the amendments, the sale of excise goods for cash (except for retail sale of tobacco products) in small quantities (up to 50 manats), and the purchase of such goods in small quantities with an aim to subsequently sell them will be fined for 100 manats. “Tyson Fury: World heavyweight champion stripped of IBF title”- World heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has been stripped of his IBF title less than two weeks after winning it. The Briton, 27, had to agree to fight the IBF's mandatory challenger Vyacheslav Glazkov but will instead face Wladimir Klitschko in a rematch. Fury beat Ukrainian Klitschko on points on 28 November to claim three versions of the heavyweight crown.

December 9 2015, 10:30

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