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​Stephane de Mahieu resigned, NCOC N.V has a new Managing Director (+UPGRADE)

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By Saule Tasboulatova

Image 0NCOC N.V Managing Director Stephane de Mahieu resigned. The position was filled by Bruno Jardine, the head of ExxonMobil Kazakhstan.

NCOC press service confirmed Stephane De Mahieu 's resignation and promised to provide official information by the end of the day.

To recall, Stephane de Mahieu, an ExxonMobil secondee, took the position of NCOC managing director as of May 1, 2014.

On November 27, NCOC press service sent the message concerning change of management: "Mr. Stephane de Mahieu leaves the position of the Managing director at NCOC H. V. after his work on the Kashagan project since May 1, 2014.

During the period of his work Mr. de Mahieu successfully managed the reorganization of the operational̆ model of the North Caspian project that resulted in creation in June of 2015 of the unified joint company operator. He also played an important role in commencement of the project on pipeline replacement, as well as in implementation of the special program "Completion. Upgrade. Maintenance. Preservation. Commissioning", aimed at ensuring of readiness of on-shore and off-shore facilities for production re-start after pipelines replacement. Contract companies consider that the current project activities are performed in strict accordance with the plan, bringing essential additional contribution to the development of Kazakhstan economy.

Mr. Bruno Jardine will start his new duties as NCOC Managing director in the nearest weeks, who is currently holding the position of ExxonMobil Kazakhstan Ink. Managing director and joint projects manager in Kazakhstan.

Mr. Jardine has more than 30 years of international̆ experience on senior positions, managing various major ExxonMobil oil operations projects. He received a unanimous support of the Consortium shareholders for his appointment as the head of the company – the Operator of the North Caspian project".

November 26 2015, 12:12

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