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Kazakh army receives new Airbus C-295 aircrafts

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European aircraft manufacturer Airbus has delivered two CASA C-295 military transport planes to Kazakhstan's Ministry of Defense.

Handover of aircrafts was completed two months ahead of schedule.

In total Kazakh army will receive eight C-295s having signed a purchase agreement in February 2012. The last transporters will be flown to Kazakhstan by the end of 2018.

The price of the negotiation was not dislosed. According to catalogues all the planes bought cost $320mln.

As reported by Airbus, Kazakhstan will use these planes for transportation of troops and armament to remote areas in the country.

C-295 transport planes can achieve the speed of 580km/h and fly the distance of 1,300km with full load.

With a cargo carrying capacity of 9.3 tons the aircraft can accommodate 71 soldiers.

Air forces of 15 countries use C-295 today, among primary users are Columbia, Brazil and Mexico.

Egypt has recently ordered six C-295s as well. Under the agreement the Arabic country will start receiving planes by the end of 2013.


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