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‘Turkey gave us no warning’ - downed surviving Russian pilot (+video)

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Image 0The surviving pilot of a Russian plane brought down by Turkey over the Syrian border has said that no warning was given before they were shot at.

Vladimir Putin said earlier today that Captain Konstantin Murakhtin, who was initially reported to have been killed along with his fellow pilot, was 'safe and sound' following a 12-hour operation that involved the Syrian army and ended in the early hours this morning.

Turkish military officials said they gave the Russian pilots 10 warnings to return to Syrian airspace over a five-minute period before the plane was shot down, but Captain Murakhtin has now told Russian television that no warning was given, and there was 'no way' the jet violated in Turkish airspace.

Reports suggest his co-pilot was killed by gunfire as he parachuted from the burning plane.

Putin vowed 'significant consequences' following news of the downing, and this revelation is unlikely to help the matter.

The Russian president called the action, which was the first time in half a century that a Nato member has downed a Russian plane, a 'stab in the back by the terrorists' accomplices'.

Source: On photo: Capt Murakhtin spoke to Russian media outlets, who did not show his face.

November 26 2015, 02:53

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