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S Kazakhstan's storm damage estimated at KZT 2.5bn

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Photo:IA Novosti-KazakhstanPhoto:IA Novosti-KazakhstanMore than 30 persons suffered from hurricane in Zhambyl Oblast.  Storm damage, according to preliminary data, is estimated at KZT 2.5bn, reports the press service of the Department of Emergency Situation of Zhambyl Oblast.

During the period of January 12 -14, 2013, about 31 personsapplied to the central hospital with various traumas. According to preliminary data of the Department of Emergency Situation of Zhambyl Oblast, storm damage is estimated at KZT 2.5bn.

The press service also reports that 19 schools and about 2000 houses were damaged by the hurricane.

All emergency measures are taken for restoration of power, heat, water supply of the residential settlements. The machinery and plant are cleaning the snow blockages. 

To recall, on Saturday, January 12, in Zhambyl Oblast due to severe weather events multiple power cut offs occurred that eventually resulted in failure of the local power feeding substations PS-110-Karatau-2. As the result, the Karatau town was totally disconnected from power. Because of strong gust winds reaching up to 35-40 meters per second, a boiler house chimney collapsed.

KEGOC power lines are also cut off. Talas and Sarysuy districts, as well as Karatau and Zhanatas towns are currently without electricity.


January 15 2013, 12:32

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