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“Porsche halts sale of Cayenne diesel SUV in North America”, “Triumphant AK party cracks down on Turkish critics as media purge widens”, “Russian plane's 'black box recorded unusual sounds', “Day of the Dead”

November 4 2015, 10:28 “Porsche halts sale of Cayenne diesel SUV in North America"- German automaker Porsche - a Volkswagen subsidiary - has said it would discontinue sales of its Cayenne diesel vehicles to US and Canadian markets. The decision is a further fallout from VW's emissions cheating scandal. Porsche's North American unit said it was discontinuing sales of the 2014-2016 model Cayenne diesel sport utility vehicles until further notice, citing allegations by US regulators that "defeat devices" had been installed in Porsche and Audi models with 3.0 liter and larger diesel engines. “Triumphant AK party cracks down on Turkish critics as media purge widens" - The triumphant Turkish government is turning the screw on its opponents following its re-election with an absolute majority; so much so its critics say it is choking the voice of free speech in the process. Two editors of media outlets have been charged with formenting a coup, the most serious charges so far made against the press. Scores of people have been detained in a crackdown that extends into the military, administration, police force and governorships. “Russian plane's 'black box recorded unusual sounds'- Russian media reports say unusual sounds recorded in cockpit moment before passenger plane crashed in Egypt's Sinai. Russian media reports say unusual sounds have been heard from cockpit recordings at the moment a Russian passenger plane crashed in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula at the weekend. The news came after revelations by US broadcasters that satellite images had detected a heat flash at the time of the crash that killed all 224 people on board the Airbus A-321.

“Day of the Dead” - Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico are revealing what many believe to be a unique understanding of death. Every year, on November 1 and 2,families across Latin America gather to celebrate the return of their deceased relatives, as the dead are believed to visit their former homes to eat, drink and spend time with their loved ones.
Thought to be a hybrid of Spanish Catholic and pre-Columbian traditions, Día's de los Muertos or Day of the Dead has become - for Mexico in particular - one of the most important national celebrations, revealing what many believe to be a uniquely Mexican understanding of death.

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