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​Kazakhstan to introduce grant funding for NGOs

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Image 0Today's meeting of the Committee on International Relations, Defense and Security of the Senate has discussed the draft law "On amendments and additions to some legislative acts of Kazakhstan on the activities of non-governmental organizations".

"This bill was developed in response to the President's instructions on the need to improve the interaction between the Government and NGOs. The bill provides for the introduction of grant financing of NGO projects," said Deputy Minister for Culture and Sports Marat Azilkhanov.

According to his words, the man purpose of the bill is to support, improve and develop non-governmental organizations of the country. In addition it is planned to provide incentive payments for NGOs.

NGOs that have achieved success in social projects implementation will be annually awarded incentive payments. The awarding will be carried out on the recommendations of the Coordinating Council for Cooperation with NGOs.

In addition, it is proposed to create a separate organization in the form of a non-profit joint-stock company - an operator of the grant funding.


October 6 2015, 15:05

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