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Vionnet Owner Victim Of Jewellery Heist

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Goga AshkenaziGoga AshkenaziVIONNET owner Goga Ashkenazi was robbed while on holiday with her boyfriend, Fiat heir, Lapo Elkaan in Uruguay. Thieves broke into the holiday house the couple were renting on the beaches of Barra de Maldonado and stole 17 pieces of jewellery - estimated to be worth €3.5 million (£2.8 million) - as well as €25,000 (£20,300), in cash.

According to WWD, Ashkenazi and Elkann were inside the building while the break-in happened, but didn't realise until the intruders had left. The theft is currently being investigated by local police.

Kazakhstani-born Ashkenazi, who is based in London, acquired the recently-revived Vionnet in May last year.

January 9 2013, 14:17

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