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Ladyboy's house arsoned in Kapchagai

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Ramil Khassanov, a transgender from Almaty Oblast, known as the first person to openly admit he is a gay on Kazakh television, lost his house and all his property, reports KTK.

Six months ago, the young man had bought a house in a dacha area near Kapchagai, a town to the north of Almaty, putting in great amount of money and efforts.

A few days before the New Year he left for Almaty and when returned he found his house completely burnt down.

Only the clothes and refurbishment costed over T7mln [nearly $45,000].

"For me it was a complete shock. Not only a shock, it's terrible to find yourself homeless and lose everything in a glance. My bag is my only belonging I have. No more goods" he said.

He suspects it was done by the people who do not share his views and sexual preferrences.

"As per preliminary version, it is an arson by unidentified persons. The house burnt down completely - its roof ruined and entire property burned" says Marlen DUISENBINOV, deputy chief of local police, confirming Ramil's words.

Ramil Khassanov was 'the hero of the day' in the national talkshow "Nasha Pravda" [our reality/truth] on KTK channel, on December 14, 2012, where he came out before guests in a women's dress and publicly declared he loved men.

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