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Almaty to host first-ever Kazakhstan Media Summit

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Image 0On the 15th of October Almaty will welcome the first ever Kazakhstan Media Summit that will unite under one roof TV, digital and other media experts who will discuss the development of Kazakhstan media industry.

The main topic of the upcoming summit will be "Media business in the epoch of changes: recession or transformation?".

Attending the event will be reps of TV and digital market, mass media, marketing consultants and brand managers from Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Germany and Switzerland.

Participants are expected to attend panel discussions and master classes, exchange experience, expand professional contacts and find new potential partners.

Among other themes there will be discussed "Kazakhstan's media market in the conditions of turbulence: figures, facts, forecast", "Television as business: the present and the future", "Evolution of new media: goals of online mass media in Kazakhstan", "How to promote online mass media" and many more.

September 22 2015, 16:47

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