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Golovkin and Lemieux passed the procedure of weighing 30 days ahead of their bout

September 20 2015, 00:54

Image 0Gennady Golovkin and David Lemieux passed the procedure of weighing 30 days ahead of the bout. This procedure is obligatory for boxers fighting for the WBC title, reports.

The fight will take place on October 17, According to the WBC bantamweight rules fighters can not weight more than 10 % over the contracted limit 30 days out. The maximum middleweight limit of 160 pounds (72,57 kg), therefore, boxers need to meet the requirements and weight 176 pounds (79,83 kg). Golovkin tipped the scale at 165 pounds (74,84 kg), while his opponent's weight was right at the maximum allowable limit, tipping the scales at a beefy 175,8 pounds (79,74 kg), according to Boxing Scene.


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