Total, Shell to build 100 gasoline stations in Iran


Image 0Total and Shell will build 100 gasoline stations in different regions of Iran in the near future with the consent of the Iranian petroleum ministry, Bijan Haj Mohammad Reza, the chairman of the trade union of Iran's filling station, the Iranian news website Oilnews reported Sept. 15.

“For the first time Iran's Petroleum Ministry will give permission for the construction of gasoline stations under any brand in the country," he said.

"The brands will be presented at Iran's gasoline stations in the next 10-15 days," he said.

Mohammad Reza said that Iran's Petroleum Ministry allowed the foreign companies to build gasoline stations in the country.

According to the Iranian media, some 3,243 gasoline stations operate in Iran now, 2,100 of them are gas filling stations.

September 17 2015, 12:52

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