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Railway tickets price raised in Kazakhstan

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As of January 7 the national rail carrier Kazakhstan Temir Zholy (KTZh) intends to increase passenger services tariffs by 12%, company press service reports.  

‘Based on the notification received from RoK Agency for regulation of natural monopolies, dd. December 24, 2012, Railway Passenger Transportation and Suburban Railway Services announce the increase of railway passenger transportation tariffs as of January 7, 2013.”

The company statement reads that railway passenger transportation tariffs in Kazakhstan are one of the lowest in CIS countries. The tariffs are 2-2.5 times lower than in Belarus and Kirgizia and 4 times lower than in Russian Federation.

The increase of tariffs were due to the rise of cost of fuel and energy resources, as well as water supply and maintenance costs. Cars maintenance cost increased by an average of 30%, repair of cars by 40%, depot repair by 4%.The cost of equipping cars with diesel fuel increased by 15%, solid fuels by 5%, water by an average of 14-20%.

In addition in 2013 it is scheduled to open two new high-speed routes: Atyrau-Almaty and Atyrau-Astana and also assign the deluxe status to Mangyshlak-Astana train # 37/38.


January 8 2013, 17:25

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