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Charlie Hebdo mocks death of Syrian child Aylan Kurdi

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Image 0While the world mourned the unfortunate death of a three-year-old Syrian refugee Aylan Kurdi, Charlie Hebdo — the French magazine which regularly stirs controversy – has featured cartoons of the toddler, mocking his death.

Under the garb of freedom of speech, Charlie Hebdo made two drawings of young Kurdi who was found dead recently on a Turkish beach and became a symbol of the refugee crisis.

The front page of the latest edition of the magazine featured the toddler lying face down on the beach and while the strapline read “Welcome to migrants", the main text read “So close to his goal". The magazine further made an illustration of a McDonalds billboard in the background stating “Two menus of children for the price of one."

Meanwhile, the second cartoon entitled “The proof that Europe is Christian," portrayed Kurdi drowning in the water a man on the side, supposedly Jesus standing on the water and saying “Christians walk on waters, Muslim kids sink."

Many took to the social networking site to criticise Charlie Hebdo.

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